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News from CCS TLM - June 2012
CCS TLM Limited, together with its parent company Tractebel Engineering, is a provider of integrated, expert consultancy, engineering and advisory services to the emerging Carbon, Capture and Storage (CCS) sector.
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Increasingly on pipeline projects the work of applying for planning permission and pipeline works authorisations is becoming more complex. Traversing populated and congested areas is more common due to the increasing variation in the type of uses for pipelines such as CO2 transportation.


The progress of planning applications can have a significant impact on the project timescale and cost. Even an approved application may be unsuccessful in project terms if it does not bring with it the general public and key interested parties.


With respect to CO2 pipeline projects, there are a number of defining features which may add to the complexity, as follows:

  • Carbon capture and storage is a new industrial technology.
  • Often, power plants applying CCS technology are near to large areas of habitation.

If added to a coal fired power station, it is associated with "polluting" coal even though its intention is to reduce the polluting effect.

For these reasons and others, CO2 pipeline projects key consideration must be given to planning and public perception to get right.

A case study of the Barendrecht CCS project in the Netherlands has provided valuable experience to be applied in future projects. In 2007, Shell was awarded funding by the Dutch Government for a CCS project. The project entailed capturing CO2 at Shell's refinery in Pernis near Rotterdam. The CO2 storage site was proposed to be in two depleted natural gas fields two to three kilometres underneath the town of Barendrecht.

As soon as details of the project came into the public domain opposition to it began, some local people starting a campaign group against the project called "CO2 is NEE".

In November 2010, the newly installed Dutch government cancelled the project, partly motivated by the lack of support for the project among the local public.

The lessons learned are actually not complex though need to be taken onboard with the understanding that CCS technology requires a particular effort in terms of public perception and engagement of stakeholders. Key lessons of Barendrecht were:

  • Communicate with stakeholders and the public from the early stages of the project
  • Be prepared to listen and adapt the design to suit
  • Understand your audience and communicate with them appropriately

Projects should conduct route selection objectively taking into account all the environmental, social and local concerns. Be prepared to back track before you get in too deep.

If you have any enquiries on CO2 pipelines, then please contact us by email or by calling us on +44 (0) 203 463 8529.   

Lynn Andrews, Head of Transportation and Offshore

CCS TLM presents at the 3rd International Forum on Transportation of CO2 by Pipeline  


CCS TLM made a presentation at the recent Forum on Transportation of CO2 by Pipeline in Newcastle on 20-21 June.


This conference was the world's only dedicated CO2 pipeline conference and was well attended by professionals from the pipeline industry.


To download a copy of the presentation, click here

Standford article on CCS dangers rebutted


Claims aimed at questioning the safety of storage of captured CO2 have been rebutted, showing that CCS in fact is a safe and sustainable way to achieve dramatic emissions reductions from the power sector.


The claims made by researchers Mark Zoback and Steven Gorelick in PNAS on 18 June, that CO2 storage can trigger earthquakes, have been countered by Bruce Hill, Senior Staff Geologist at Clean Air Task Force (CATF). Hill lays out a list of counterarguments, pointing to loopholes in the Stanford researchers' reasoning and quoting research made by other highly respected universities. 


For the full article, click here.




Our 'Carbon, Capture and Storage: A Field-Based Masterclass' taking place on 4-6 September 2012 in Dorset, is being conducted in conjunction with AGR TRACS Training who provide technical and commercial training courses to the oil and gas industry and Dr Bryan Lovell OBE. 


The Field-Based Masterclass in Dorset combines the specialised team from AGR TRACS with the academic excellence of NCCCS and the full value chain experience of the CCS TLM team.  The course is unique all-encompassing training experience combining classroom sessions, case studies and field visits. 

Delegates will follow the path of carbon from extraction from ancient rocks in the subsurface, through eager use by us, to capture and safe storage back in those same rocks.  The course will study the spectacular exposures of rocks and real oilfield facilities and data, set in the demanding financial and legal framework of a World Heritage site. Participants will be supported by tuition in the technical essentials as they work through the logic of a full CCS scheme.  For full information, click here.


Our 'Simplifying CCS' course is scheduled for  17-18 October 2012 in Calgary, and is being supported by Calgary Economic Development. For full information, click here.

More dates are planned throughout 2012 in various locations.  We will keep you updated through this newsletter, alternatively please keep checking our website for more details.

Courses are undergoing endorsement by the Geological Society and are supported by Dr Bryan Lovell OBE, Senior Research Fellow in Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge.

Fellows of The Geological Society receive a 10% discount on course fees.


To book your place or discuss your individual or bespoke CCS training requirements, please call +44 (0) 203 463 8529 or email 



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