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News from CCS TLM - November 2012
CCS TLM Limited, together with its parent company Tractebel Engineering, is a provider of integrated, expert consultancy, engineering and advisory services to the emerging Carbon, Capture and Storage (CCS) sector.
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A1 An update from CCS TLM Academy 



The CCS TLM Academy

In September 2011, CCS TLM signed a MoU with Nottingham Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage (NCCCS) to launch an Academy to offer training courses in the CCS arena.

The Academy was created to offer a series of short training courses aimed at improving knowledge and understanding of the CCS business across all CCS stakeholders.  The courses are designed to give delegates access to the CCS TLM team with its extensive experience and capabilities in the technical, commercial and financing aspects of large-scale fully integrated CCS projects combined with the NCCCS which brings together the expertise and talents of two prestigious and highly respected institutions: the Carbon Dioxide Storage group of the British Geological Survey and the University of Nottingham.

Who are we?

CCS TLM is a company founded in 2010 by a group of ex-BP / Hydrogen Energy executives.  The founders include individuals who were personally responsible for creating the Hydrogen Energy JV and for managing individual projects within the Hydrogen Energy portfolio.

This experience of screening opportunities around the world, identifying potential storage options and developing the concepts into financeable and executable projects is now available through CCS TLM.  This is a unique set of experience.  No other consulting firm can offer the technical and commercial insights of developing real industrial scale CCS projects.

In April 2011 CCS TLM became a Joint Venture with Tractebel Engineering, the engineering division of the GDF SUEZ group. This Joint Venture has created an entity with the real CCS project experience of the founders plus the engineering strength of a world-class engineering organization.


The Nottingham Centre for CCS (NCCCS) is a collaborative research and training institution co-established by the BGS and the UoN which brings together over 50 engineers, geologists, mathematicians, bio-scientists, geographers and social scientists to develop a holistic view of the development of CCS technology. It provides impartial advice to government, industry and academia, and works with international energy policy advisors, government organisations, universities and other research centres.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) is recognised as a European centre of excellence for the study of CO2 storage. It co-ordinated the ground-breaking Joule 2 project in the mid-1990s and since then has taken a leading research role in geological storage and monitoring of CO2 storage.  BGS also provide advice to the UK Government in developing the UK legislative framework for CO2 storage, and provided official geological storage advisor to the DECC CCS competition.  In the last two years BGS has carried out more than 50 CO2 storage projects for a range of customers, including the EU, industry and the UK and overseas governments.  These include site characterisation, storage capacity estimation, performance assessment and site monitoring design. BGS also supplied a lead Author to the IPCC Special Report on Carbon Dioxide Capture and the IPCC Guidelines for Compiling National Greenhouse Gas Inventories.

The University of Nottingham (UoN) is a world-class university ranked in the top 10 universities in the UK, top 30 in Europe and top 1% of universities worldwide. It's Department of Engineeringis rated in the top 5 in Europe. The UoN is an international leader in research at the interface between science and engineering and cooperation to accelerate the technological innovation needed for the wider deployment of CCS.


We are very excited at the prospect of delivering training courses across the UK, continental Europe, Middle East and all other key CCS geographies across the globe. The CCS TLM Academy is a natural progression of our through life service giving clients access to a unique training offer for managers and engineers involved in the strategy, planning and execution of projects."


CCS Training Courses

CCS TLM, with its partnership with NCCCS, and along with our relationships with Dr Bryan Lovell and AGR TRACS, are able to provide exclusive carbon, capture and storage training courses.

Below are details of our current courses, however bespoke training can be provided for any size of class, at any venue, according to your requirements.   

We value your feedback to help us deliver courses that suit your needs, please answer our brief questionnaire to help us to continue to do this.


A comprehensive introduction to the theoretical, practical and commercial aspects of the carbon capture and storage industry. 


Programme details:

course details 

This course will follow the path of carbon from extraction from ancient rocks in the subsurface, through eager use by us, to capture and safe storage back in those same rocks. The course will cover all aspects of the CCS chain, but will explore in more detail the storage elements using the nearby marvels of the Jurassic coast of England along with a case study for the delegates to complete over the duration of the three days.

The content of the course will be as follows:

course breakdown 

However, the CCS TLM Academy is able to offer bespoke customised courses to any number of people, at any venue, for any level required.
These courses are also supported by Dr Bryan Lovell OBE, Senior Research Fellow in Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge 



Public Outreach

The CCS TLM Academy is an ideal (independent) platform to deliver Public Outreach programs on behalf of projects and/or their individual proponents.




For all your CCS Training and / or publuc outreach needs, please contact Dewi ab Iorwerth by email or by calling us on +44 (0) 203 463 8529




Low-Carbon Industries welcome introduction of Energy Bill

  • CCSA, NIA and RenewableUK welcome introduction of Bill
  • Associations represent over 1000 members and thousands of sector employees
  • Potential for nearly 100,000 more direct jobs in the next 15 years 

The Carbon Capture and Storage Association, the Nuclear Industry Association and RenewableUK welcomed the introduction of the Energy Bill by the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Rt Hon Edward Davey MP this morning.

The three Associations, representing over 1,000 corporate members said the government's proposals for reforming the electricity market would help to unlock billions in investment in low carbon generation, enable the UK to meet its energy security and climate change targets , and create thousands of jobs.

Over the next 10-15 years around 95,000 jobs could be created across all three sectors.


The Associations today urged politicians across all parties to work together to ensure the UK delivers its energy and industrial potential to the full.

Keith Parker, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association said: "The Bill provides much needed investment certainty. A major nuclear new build programme will lead to substantial industrial and employment benefits - including considerable opportunities for the UK nuclear supply chain and a boost for UK manufacturing and construction."

Jeff Champman, Chief Executive of the Carbon Capture and Storage Associations said: "The publication of this Bill will give a good deal more confidence to those businesses that are developing the UK's first CCS projects and laying the foundation of a world leading industry."

Maf Smith, Deputy Chief Executive of RenewableUK said: "This Bill is crucial in setting the investment framework for the next 20 years and ensuring that we can build on our current world lead in offshore wind and marine technologies, and guarantee clean domestic power and tens of thousands of green jobs".



ETI: Green Investment Bank has crucial role to play in funding CCS


ETI: Green Investment Bank has crucial role to play in funding CCS  3bn bank could help finance infrastructure and storage assessments or bring together funding partnerships.

The 3bn Green Investment Bank (GIB) could play a crucial role in attracting finance to early stage carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects, according to a new report
by the government and industry-backed Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) and investment management firm Ecofin.


The report argues that the bank could help finance a range of activities critical to the development of large scale CCS projects, such as work to prove sites under the sea are suitable to store CO2 from power stations or build enabling infrastructure such as pipelines.
CCS is considered capable of cutting the annual cost of meeting the UK's carbon targets by up to one per cent of GDP by 2050 and the government has shortlisted four projects as part of a 1bn competition to commercialise the technology.
However, a difficult economic climate and changeable policy environment has to-date meant that restricted levels of capital have been available for early stage demonstration projects.


Many clean tech firms had envisaged the GIB as a means of bridging the current funding gap for early stage technologies, although its chairman Lord Smith has hinted the bank may shy away from high-risk projects.
Even so, the report suggests the GIB could help raise finance for CCS projects by leading or facilitating a syndicate of banks, which would make assembling large amounts of capital far easier and limit individual institutions' exposure.


The technology could struggle to be investable without such public-private partnerships, warned Dr Angela Whelan, Chief Executive of Ecofin Research Foundation.
"CCS will involve a complex new value chain and new business structures, which are unproven at scale," she said in a statement.


"Financial markets are challenging and the CCS value chain will need to be de-risked and be more competitive to gain access to private sector capital. A possible solution in the medium term is to explore the possibility of the newly formed Green Investment Bank having a role in facilitating access to finance for CCS."


The Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) Market 2013-2023 Market Report


The Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) Market 2013-2023 report will look into the opportunities that this market offers and its application to various industries that emit CO2 besides large power plants, and examines various government policies and initiatives that are stimulating industries to implement clean or low carbon technologies by adopting carbon capture and storage technologies. Among those policies considered are carbon tax, prospects of carbon emission trading schemes (ETS), direct funding for carbon capture and storage and other awards for innovations.


Visiongain has determined that the value of the global Carbon Capture & Storage market in 2013 will be $7.78bn.


CCS TLM were interviewed, please click here to read an extract from section 7 of the report.






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We provide a comprehensive service covering the entire CCS value chain:


Storage appraisal including EOR


Commercial analysis


Owners engineer &


Contract negotiation


Project integration


Bankability & project finance


Technical appraisal


Risk analysis and assurance





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